Alpha et Omega

Let us never forget...!

And help our families in decades to came to keep our spirits alive, by writing our history down for them to pass on...

We fought side by side with the Bushmen as brave warriors... The Bushmen being small people, our unit was also small, but this never scared us a bit...

We were the David against Goliath in the SWA Bush War...

Bushmen Military Unit during the SWA/Namibia Bushwar

This site was developed on the 4 January 2010 and is still growing with 360 Friends and Members - Please be patient - but join the members area in the meantime...

This site is being developed to give credit to those who served in this special unit of which little was known due to the clandestine nature of the unit.

The unit existed out of two groups of Bushmen, the Vaskela and Barakwena and a hand full of white leaders (these for admin, medical, support and leadership).

As this site grows, more and more will be revealed about the people and this unit... so please visit from time to time, as we reveal our journey as young soldiers in a War that again left many scars, as all wars do.

This site was developed to honour all those who served at Omega Base and those who made this unit!

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